Past Event:<br>Assemblage Retreat<br>February 2-4Past Retreat - February, 2018
Below you will find links to:
  • Retreat Registration (more specific information about the retreat itself will be located here)
  • Retreat Class Registration (you must first register for the retreat before signing up for these exclusive classes)
  • Brooklyn Super 8 Motel (this is the location of the retreat itself, but you will need to make sure and secure lodging for yourself if you are also interested in staying for the weekend)

Here's what one attendee had to say about our 2017 Retreat: "Just want to say thank you to Cassandra Spicer, Sheila Schanne, and Beth Katz Stone for all your hard work in planning, preparing and making The Bead Soup Weekend absolutely fabulous! The venue was amazing - but beyond that, ya'll saw to every detail, anticipated every need, and just simply made our weekend relaxing, fun, and beyond compare in every way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! We all know that these things don't come together on their own and that a lot of thought and hard work went on behind the scenes to make it the success it was. But ya'll did it!!! I think it was the most relaxing, well-prepared retreat I've been on. Ya'll are amazing!!! Thank you"! - Kristin

Assemblage Retreat<br>Registration Link
Assemblage Retreat<br>Class Deadline:<br>January 19thSuper 8<br>Brooklyn, MI