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ONLINE ONLY - Basic Bead Embroidery - Pendant Class
ONLINE ONLY<br>Bead Embroidery<br>Pendant ClassONLINE ONLY<br>Bead Embroidery<br>Pendant Class
Bead Embroidery
Pendant Class
Item#: onlinebasicbeadembroidery

Product Description
Beginner to Intermediate - You will learn basic bead embroidery techniques, but sometimes students are more comfortable if they have had prior stitching experience such as brick or peyote stitch.

What You Will Need: A focal piece that is round or oval and flat on one side, accent beads in 2 - 4mm fp or round, and seed beads in size 15 to 8. Optional two hole beads and other non essentials are welcome.
Beading Foundation, a needle, thread, epoxy, and Ultra Suede. All of these supplies are of the highest quality, and those we recommend the most for these technique.

The Class Will Run As Follows:
  • While purchasing this class, you will receive a digital download at the end of the checkout process. This is your PDF copy of the class pattern, so please watch for and save it to a device you can either print or work from.
  • Once you have completed check out, head over to the link below and join the private Facebook group. You will be asked if you have purchased the digital class and the answer will be confirmed prior to your admittance into the group.
  • The Facebook group is where the video tutorials will exist, therefor you must be a Facebook user in order to utilize the digital class option at this time.
  • In the Facebook Group you will find a link for an optional supplemental kit that includes the following items: Beading Foundation, a needle, thread, and Ultra Suede.
  • The group is intended not only to host information and videos for the project, but also for members to share their design ideas and bead combinations as well as struggles, just like in an in person class setting. Cassandra will periodically check in to try to answer questions, but feel free to directly message Beads to Live By if you run into a specific problem.

Designed and Taught by Cassandra Spicer
Facebook Group<br><i>Class Members Only</i>