In-Person<br>Intro to Resin<br>12.3.22

Intro to Resin

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Join Sheila for this fabulous new offering on Saturday, December 3rd from 1:00 - 4:00 EST 

Provided (during class):
UV Lights (WINJOY 2-in-1 LED/UV Nail Lamp)
Sil-Pat Squares; Heat Gun; a few simple pre-molds that can be made and incorporated into frames; sparkly Nail Polish; Nail File; Black Acrylic

UV Resin (Let’s Resin Brand)

Paper Towels; Toothpicks; Anti-slip mats; Wet Wipes

Students will need to buy/bring:
Pendant frames (available for purchase in-store as well as on the website in many sizes, shapes, and metal finishes)
Scissors; Tweezers; Earring Frames;

To fill frames (can bring any/all of the following depending on what style project you want to make): Small Filigree; Dried Flowers; Dried Pressed Flowers; Charms SMALL--dime to nickel size (glass, metal or resin), 1/4” tall or less; Beads; Crystals; Natural Pearls (flatter on one side works best); Cup Chain; small buttons; Lightweight Card-stock with very small patterns and/or pictures.

Class Description:
Three Hours; Beginner Friendly, please no one under 14/ High School age.
Students can expect to complete 1-3 Pendants or a Pendant and earrings and a few components from the simple pre made molds.
They will not learn how to make molds in this class.

If registered but unable to attend, customers will still receive their copy of the pattern and the included supplies that would be available to take home (not everything included for use during class). Due to the nature of class/event registrations, a refund is not possible. Thank you for understanding and ensuring you are available prior to registering!