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Kinga Nichols
Zero Gravity on 12.29.21

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Class will be held Wednesday, December 29th from 10:00am - 4:00 p.m. EST

While general registration has closed at this time, you may still be able to attend this class. Please reach out to us individually with your kit preference and mailing address, so we can give you an estimate on priority shipping. 

PLEASE check your local time/difference to ensure you attend class at the correct time.

Kits are mandatory and are not included in the class fee - Available colorways:
  • Aegean Blue - labradorite with lapis lazuli on teal/brown distressed leather with gold beadlside Elegant Elements clasp or larger Elegant Elements clasp, kit price for 5strand version: $115, kit price for 9 strand version: $135
  • Raspberry Fluff- moonstone with rubellite on metallic raspberry fluff leather with silver beadslide EE clasp or larger EE clasp. Kit for 5 strand: $115, 9 strand: $135
  • Glow Wild- Sterling opal with lapis lazuli on distressed silver metallic leather with silver beadslide EE clasp or larger EE clasp. Kit price for 5 strand: $135
Participants will be invoiced through Paypal by Crimson Frog (Kinga) for their kits after signing up for class, PLEASE include your kit color and strand count choice when you are adding the class to your cart.
In order to be able to do a little bit of homework in the form of some cutting and gluing, kits will be shipped one month prior to class. International participant's kits will be shipped earlier.
What you will need for class: needles and thread of your choice. I (Kinga) prefer 8 lb test low- vis green Nanofil, but 6lb test fireline in smoke would work here too. My preference for needle is size 11 Tulip. You will also need a small, pointy, sharp pair of scissors and E6000. If you are working on the 5 strand version of the bracelet, it would be good to have needle nose pliers on hand to open the clasp with.
Description of class, from Kinga:
This is a new incarnation of an old idea. The older, three strand version of this was called Floating Circles and it was one of my earliest classes. The materials were a lot less glamorous and the process of putting the bracelet together evolved with time. The best part of this class is that you will learn how to work with leather. The base of this bracelet with the strands will be stitched and put together in class. It's a neat, versatile way of making your own leather cord out of any soft leather that will be useful in your own design work as well.
On materials: everything here is top notch. Natural gem stone focals and micro faceted beads are featured on all three colorways. The seed beads are the best of the best and the clasp are the most durable, most functional ones on the market, engineered in Germany. The reason why it's called Zero Gravity is because the gems are floating around on the beautiful bracelet. It's Substantial, super comfy but also, ever so light.
What to expect during class:
A friendly, easygoing environment. During class, you will be able to see everything I do through a camera pointing at my bead board. With this project technique is everything. That's exactly why I never turned this into a kit. It's a simple process, but you need to see it demonstrated so it makes sense.  So I will be working alongside you, showing every detail. The class will be divided in half: 2.5 hours before lunch and 2.5 hours after lunch. In the first part expect to familiarize yourself with the construction of the leather base. The second half will be dedicated to the focals.
After the class is over, there will be a trunk show during which you can purchase leather from me if you wish.