Curated Collections

Here you will find a growing collection of items specially chosen for those who appreciate a well-coordinated color scheme, and might love a monthly SURPRISE of beady goodness! The 13th is our magic number…

Subscription orders for a given month will start shipping after the 13th of that month. Expecting an August subscription item? It will ship between August 14th and 18th.

Similarly, if you want to register in time to receive a specific month’s subscription, you must do so by the 13th (or before sold out). IE if you sign up for a subscription from our curated collections on August 14th, you will actually be registering for the September collection/delivery, which will ship after September 13th. But if you make a purchase on August 12th, you will receive a delivery from the August collection as your first order.

Subscriptions will be billed on the 13th of EACH month (but will only automatically renew for 6 months at a time). 

There are also plenty of coordinating additions you can make to your subscriptions, and past subscriptions listed for purchase by anyone! Please email us with any questions you might have prior to your purchase. We have taken a lot of time to think through this process, and would be happy to lend any insight that might be helpful in making your selection.

For fresh ideas, to watch our box unveilings, and to enjoy other fabulous inspiration for this collection... you can go to any of our following brand ambassadors each month: