Classes - In Person or Virtual

Here you will find a collection of our current class offerings. There is a zero cancellation/transfer policy on these items. If you register, please ensure ahead of time that you will be able to attend. If for any reason you are unable, you will receive the printed instructions and are free to work on the project independently at your leisure. This policy is in place to ensure our instructors are able to reserve a proper amount of time not only for teaching, but for developing their project and writing their pattern. If there is not enough interest and there have only been a few registrations in a class, those students will receive a full refund or credit as requested. 

Please make sure to note whether supplies aren't or are included, as well as whether the class is offered in person or online. These items will vary from one class to the next.

Join us on this fabulous tour of Prague, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec & More. This 10 day tour will also include classes from two world renowned designers, Cassandra Spicer and Kinga Bledsoe (Nichols). All the details can be found here, including the ability to reserve your place on the trip! 

The tours in Prague are mostly walking due to the old, narrow, and winding streets.  Good Walking shoes are very important.