A Star Is Born
Ornament Kit

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 Do you have an understanding of the most basic forms of bead embroidery? Do you LOVE a cute and quick project? We were able to secure a limited number of these star frames, and thought they were the perfect piece to display a small beadscape inside! PLEASE look for your email after checking out, that will include a downloadable version of the pattern. This is automated and will come to the address you provide, a printed one will not be mailed with the kit.

Supplies included in Kit (mailed in the color scheme chosen):

  • Size 11/o seed beads x4
  • Size 8/o seed bead
  • Size 6/o seed bead
  • 2mm Fire Polish
  • Interfacing/Foundation
  • Metal Star Frame

Additional Supplies Required, not included in this purchase:

  • E6000 or equitable glue
  • Size 11 Beading Needle
  • Preferred embroidery thread
  • sharp scissors