Ball Pins

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Enjoy a variety of colors, lengths and gauges in our latest style of head pin offerings.  While all four colors include a 2mm ball at the end and 20 pieces in each package, the gauge of each varies based on the length. Please note that the genuine copper, antique brass plates, and plated gold ball pins all are 24 gauge wire and 2 in long. While the gunmetal color is a 21 gauge and 3 inches in length. Make sure to select your preferred color/style from the drop-down menu prior to adding them to your cart. 

It's also important to note that the 24 gauge pins are very soft due to the width of the wire, and therefore will come with some varying degrees of straightness. Because of their soft nature, they are easily straightened with a pair of flat nose pliers, and it will not affect your finished work in any way.