Beadscapade Bundles
SilverSilk Winter Workshops
Dec 11-15

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Our friend Nealay asked us to come up with something festive for the last month of the year, here's what he had to say about the series he created: "We can’t send off this year without a proper workshop from SilverSilk & More! Learn 10 incredible projects throughout the week of December 11-15 from Nealay Patel and his band of beady friends"!

The Silversilk Components can be purchased in the: Beadscapade Winter Workshop Week '23 Mega Kit

Cassandra's workshop will be Wednesday, December 13th at 6:00 p.m. EST, when purchasing this bead bundle listing, it includes the following (enough beads for one necklace of your chosen color):

  • Two Hole Pyramid/Stud Beads
  • Two Hole Daggers
  • Two Hole Tiles
  • Size 11/o seed beads (2 colors)
  • Size 6/o seed beads

What you will need/not included in our kit (some of these items are available from SilverSilk):

  • Pipe Chain - enough for your preferred necklace length
  • Pipe Chain End Caps (2)
  • Fine (.014") Diameter Beading Wire
  • 2x2mm Crimp Beads

Optional, Coordinating Necklace... The bottom necklace pictured, includes items from this bead bundle, and will be demo'ed in a separate video from Cassandra Wednesday, December 6th at 6:00 p.m. EST. In addition to the beads in your bundle, you will want:

  • SilverSilk Capture Chain
  • SilverSilk Capture Chain End Caps
  • Wildfire Thread & Preferred Beading Needle