Czech Buttons

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A variety of unique, and many times vintage buttons for your various projects. The smallest start around 14mm, and then go up from there. There is an approximate measurement of the largest portion of each button in the details below. Please be sure you have chosen the desired button imprint/color, by way of the drop down menu prior to 'adding to cart'.

Button Sizes:
Nouveau Flower - Green 19mm
Nouveau Flower - Blue 19mm
Star Flower - Blue 19mm
Star Flower - Maroon 19mm
Oval - Purples 39mm
Oval - Metallics 39mm
Fish - Lilac/Gold 38mm
Blue Flower 19mm
Textured Swirl - AB Amethyst 19mm
Scalloped Edges Blue 15mm
Turquoise - Dragonfly 29mm
Cicada - Lavender/Gold 40mm
Square in Square 16mm
Deco Flower - Green AB 28mm
Diamond Waves - Blue 23mm
Deco Flower - Pink 14mm