Fanning The Flames
Necklace Pattern

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Project Description & Requirements:

In this pattern you will learn intermediate Ndebele/Herringbone techniques (meaning you will want to be familiar with Basic Ndebele/Herringbone prior to attempting this pattern), that will build upon basic concepts of the stitch, including adding beads within the weaving itself. We also go over the detailed steps of how to attach your beads to another medium, like the SilverSilk Pipe Chain used to start the necklace. 
We do not share elaborate details about the process of finishing the necklace or earrings, so an understanding of basic wire wrapping will be ideal before you tackle this project. We do have directions and videos to point you to for additional assistance if you could use it!

 Supplies Required to make the necklace:

  • Size 11/o seed beads - 4 colors
  • Size 8/o seed bead
  • Size 15/o seed bead
  • 2 Hole Daggers
  • 8 lb Fireline
  • Pipe Chain (SilverSilk product you can find with us or on their website)
  • Pipe Chain Endcaps
  • Various wire (18 & 22ga), beads, chain and clasp for finishing your necklace.

If you are looking for any of these items, we have many of them online as well as even more in our shop. We would be more than happy to help you shop for anything you need to make your masterpiece!